• Change is the only permanent thing.

  • What We Notice

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    We are better than ever before.

    We have accomplished great achievements.

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    We are as disconnected as never before.

    Earth, Others, Ourselves.

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    Re-connect. Re-integrate.

    During the past 200 years, humanity underwent radical changes. We are living a moment of outstanding scientific and technological development.


    We also became alienated.


    During this fast process, we disconnected from Earth, Others and Ourselves.


    Time has come to create spaces and systems which generate the conditions to re-connect and re-integrate.


    The challenge is to assimilate what we have learned and developed and still operate under healthy and fulfilling conditions.

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    Learning is the leverage point.

    We are living in a global groundbreaking moment.


    People point out education as the leverage point to solve different problems across diverse cultures.


    At the same time, educational systems are collapsing. For kids and adults. For reading, writing, maths, and business. The traditional framework is not broken. It works perfectly well. But now we need different outcomes.


    The big shift is essentially moving from a “follow-comply” educational model to a personalized “decide-thrive” learning paradigm.


    It is not easy. It requires to re-learn autonomy, responsibility, accountability, and agency. It means embracing discomfort and pushing personal boundaries to re-connect and unleash our evolutionary potential.

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    Back to Caring Communities.

    The whole world speaks up about how obsolete traditional systems have become and claims for holistic ecosystems to replace them.


    These movements are already happening. There is a rising consciousness about new ways of living which, paradoxically, take us back to the primal human instinct of building caring communities.


    Co-working, Co-living, Co-learning are just new words for what we have been doing for thousands of years as species. Yet, we need to reinvent the concepts that we lost in our developmental quest.


    We have the ancestral knowledge of bonding. We only need to elicit it and re-connect with the natural benefits of collaboration beyond competition.

  • You never change things by fighting

    the existing reality.

    To change something, build a new model

    that makes the existing model obsolete.


    Buckminster Fuller


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