• The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.​

    Yet the parts allow for specialization ;)

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    Core Interest Dimensions

    We believe the love for learning should be nurtured across all key dimensions of our lives.


    Which are those key dimensions? Well, we don’t really know. But we picked up 6 which we consider important and that are usually pulled apart:

    1. Business
    2. Technology
    3. Expression
    4. Health
    5. Hospitality
    6. Growth

    These dimensions are just gateways to the ecosystem. They are definitely not meant to be siloed. Rather the opposite: they are meant to be different points of view and diverse approaches for common ground.

  • Business


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    Business drives the economy. We believe that economy should shift to a holistic approach.


    Business touches whatever we do to generate economic exchanges. It can be anything in the range of funding a startup, leading an NGO, finding a job, or managing a team in a corporation.

    It is also a matrix to shape the way we relate to others and build communities.


    We know business is one of the fastest ways to spread learning into societies. It is a very powerful leverage point.


    We bring in practices that re-connect business to the other dimensions and thus provide healthy and sustainable development.

  • Technology


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    Technology has been developed since the invention of fire. We create technology, and technology transforms us.


    We believe producing technology is at the heart of our humanity. It depicts how we overcome never-ending challenges.


    Technology can also be an alienating factor, disconnecting us from our primal selves.


    We love technology and we are curious about where Computer Science, Robotics, Biotech, and Blockchain (amongst many others!) will lead. We are committed to integrating those findings with all dimensions. Not only to prevent alienation but mainly because we see that option as a richer one.

  • Expression


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    Communication is central to community development and, ultimately, to human interconnection. We need to share our thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.


    We can express ourselves in plenty of forms. Anyhow, we are not used to learning thoroughly how to do it. Or maybe we learn it but then we do not integrate the outcomes into all the dimensions of our lives.


    We believe we need to learn and re-connect with all the expressive power we have as humans. Not as an end, but rather as a process.


    Love2Learn Valley embeds the cultivation of every type of expression but puts emphasis on performing arts, as a means to enrich self-knowledge and interaction.

  • Health


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    In the end, it is all about being happy and healthy.


    Yet, we have never been so disconnected from our bodies. The advancement of the mind has neglected all the other wisdom.

    But we can recover it.


    We are incredible pieces of biotechnology, shaped through millions of years to reach our present shape. And we have little or even no clue about how we work or even how to take care of us.


    The time has come when we have access to reliable data so we can be responsible active agents of our own equipment.


    Nutrition, Movement, and Rest. The three pillars on which our nature relies. Three pillars that also support the other dimensions (even though we forget about it!).

  • Hospitality


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    We evolved in many different social structures. The common thing is the need and reward of being with others.


    But do we learn how to host? Are we aware of what is needed to feel comfortable and safe? Do we know how to create that for others?


    We believe communities are, in the end, a network of relationships. We notice we have very little opportunities to explicitly learn how to nurture bonding opportunities.


    We are committed to bringing hospitality to the table across every dimension.

  • Growth


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    Evolution never ends. Life always finds conditions conducive to life. And it “learns” in the process.


    So do we. But we somehow forget about it. Learning is frequently associated with schooling, and only after a second thought, with life.


    Learning to Learn (which really means falling in love with your superpower and using it) is the greatest gift we can have. Yet, we only discover that as adults, if we ever do.


    Can you imagine the collective power we would have if we engaged with our love for learning since we were kids?

    It is perfectly possible.


    Schools can shift from being conforming machines to being diverging greenhouses.

  • Love2Learn


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    Love to Learn


    Love to Learn is at the very heart of the project. All dimensions intersect, and this one is the guiding star.


    The VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world we are living in calls for us to re-connect with our ancestral superpower: learning.


    It is not enough to acquire knowledge. The speed of development demands that we are able to switch, shift, move, and make decisions as rapidly as never before.


    We must learn to learn. And we must learn to love learning.

    As soon as possible.

  • Love2Learn

    We create amazing Learning Ecosystems.